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As the prime mover behind Talk Talk, Mark Hollis threw off the shackles of a pop existence to create the bleakest, yet most lyrical orchestral rock this side of Scott Walker. Film demands your image: photographers lead you into the cold. Anyone whose ears were pruned and re-rooted by the last three Talk Talk albums should make the most of Hollis’s new, self-titled collection of nine songs. This year he breaks a seven year silence with a brand new solo album. It’s been a long time coming - seven years, in fact, since the great white spaces of the fifth (and, it transpires, final) Talk Talk album Laughing Stock - but unquestionably worth the wait. At the point where you’ve made it, that says what you want to say at that point in time, so it’s not like the next day you can begin another one”. “At the point when you finish an album,” Mark Hollis is saying, “the last thing in the world I could think of doing is start writing another one. Deceptively simple acoustic surfaces shimmer with all manner of spring-loaded detail, choked and wrenched vocal performances, miniature symphonies of wind instruments, and references to the recording process itself (at times, the creaking of Hollis’s guitar stool is louder than his singing; at others the oral noise from his mouth makes you wonder if he had the mic down his throat). Black Roots Albums Black Roots The Father, Survival, Juvenile Delinquent, What Them A Do, Opportunity, Tribal War, Africa, Move On. After a couple of months they decided to expand the line-up, adding a rhythm section and rehearsing more seriously. The Frontline War, Signs & Wonders, Frontline, Far Over, Blackheart Man, Struggling. The group would jam in parks and various other places, but their usual practice space was Hamlin's house, Beech House, which still stands on the corner of St James's Square and St George's Place in Cheltenham. In Session Confusion, Survival, Juvenile Delinquent, What Them A Do, Move On, Opportunity, Tribal War, Africa, The Father, Chanting For Freedom. Hamlin recruited multi-instrumentalist Roger Freeman, an old friend from his hometown of Birmingham, along with Chris Lee on trumpet and James Johnstone, a guitarist, record shop assistant and newcomer to the alto sax, for initial jam sessions which would eventually evolve into Pigbag. All Day All Night Realize, Pin In The Ocean, Release The Food, Freedom, Poor Children, Spare The Rod, Conman, Seeing Your Face, All Day All Night, Suffer Me Not, Mighty Lion, Childless Mother. The change in sound lost a lot of fans, and with interest in punk rock declining, the band split up in 1985 Singles, EPs • "Valley of the Dead" 7" (1982), Skull - reissued by No Future • "Nigh Creatures" 12" (1983), No Future (#22) • "Paint It Black" 7" (1984), No Future (#38) • The Danse Macabre Collection 12" (1984), Angel (#31) • "A Dream of Yesterday" (1985), Angel (#42) Albums • Children of the Boneyard Stones (cassette-only) (1982), Recreational Tapes • Bring Out Yer Dead (1993), Angel • Death Rides Out (1997), Resurrection Info taken from: back to top Pigbag were formed in Cheltenham in late 1980 by Chris Hamlin, a fashion student at Cheltenham Art College. Ina Different Style Realize, Reality Dub, Release The Food, Folitrickshun Dub, Freedom, Dub Free, All Day All Night, Pressure Dub, Seeing Your Face, Children Mother, Fertility Dub, Suffer Me Not, Apartheid Dub, Suzy Wong, Move On, Pretenders Dub, Let It Be Me, Strugglers Dub. In 1984, taking inspiration from X-Ray Spex, the band recruited saxophonist Nick Upton, the band also signing to Nine Mile Records, who issued their last two releases on the Angel label. Scream aim fire album free stay with me music Scream Aim Fire song by Bullet For My Valentine now on JioSaavn. English music album Scream Aim Fire. Download song or listen online free, only on JioSaavn. Download scream aim fire album free shared files. from all world's most popular shared hosts.